_P6C5922Being both a diehard music fan as well as an artist (my desks in high school were notoriously recognisable due to the elaborate ballpoint portraits of Iron Maiden’s mascot Eddie etched into their surfaces), I guess music photography was an inevitable path for me. Having had an education in both traditional art and computer graphics, I’d spent a decade working as an artist in the film visual effects industry when I developed an interest in photography following an evening class in photographic appreciation offered by a studio I was working at in London. Already in possession of a camera that I’d bought to accompany me on my various capers around the planet, using that ever-reviled “green box” auto mode to shoot, I had a kind of epiphany when I realised that I could potentially do so much more with that camera than just random holiday snaps.

After trying my hand at street photography, landscapes, and various other subjects, but finding that nothing quite grabbed me, it was one day in mid-2012 that the idea of shooting bands popped into my head; I love music so much, and going to gigs, so why didn’t I try shooting that? Since then I’ve shot everywhere from sweaty pubs around London to the big summer festival stages at Download and Sonisphere, and while I’m occasionally dragged backstage to shoot interviews and whatnot, it’s still live performances that I love shooting the most.

If you want to drop me a line, please just get in touch with me via email at hello@leighvanderbyl.com.